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Free Services

Our meta tag authoring service is free of charge so why not give it a whirl if you haven't done so already?

Our regular newsletter giving useful and hot-off-the-press tips and advice straight to your inbox is free to subscribe to as well.

Our other services, for which we charge, include:

Search Engine Submission

If you don't have the time to submit your page's details to all the main search engines, rather than not submitting them at all why not outsource?

Search Engine Optimisation of Your Web Site

We can look at a particular page or your site as a whole and offer you solid advice as to how to improve your search engine rankings, what keywords to use and so forth.

Search Engine Ranking Audit of Your Web Site

We can report your ranking with various search engines for keywords you specify. This information is invaluable when considering your site's visibility and determining how best to move you're site's traffic up a gear.

Competitor Analysis

We can analyse the search engine strategies adopted by your competitors to enable you to decide how best to market yourself on the web.

Gateway / Doorway / Jump Page Creation & Hosting

If you are a player in a competitive market we can design, develop and host effective gateway pages to enable you to be ranked highly on more of the main search engines despite the fact the differences in the way they rank pages. Gateway pages can also be used to increase the number of sets of keywords that can be used to find your site.

We are specialists at designing and developing these pages and know the prefences of each of the search engines. We can even host the pages for you as well.


If your site is not getting the traffic that it warrants or you have tried but you just can't get it listed in the top 10 then why not challenge us to make your site a success?

We will audit your site and make suggestions about what to do in order to be ranked higher and to get more hits - if our suggestions fail to work then you don't have to pay us aything. You can decide beforehand whether you want to pay us a flat fee, a fee related to the increase in search engine ranking that your site receives - allowing you to test our services without exposing yourself to any financial risk - if we don't perform, you don't pay!

If you are interested in any of the services listed above and would like some more information about them then please complete the form below, or send an email to, and one of our Advisors will contact you in the near future.
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